TS E Challan: Check Telangana Challan Status, Register Complaint, Online Payment

TS E-Challan is an electronic ticketing system used in Telangana for traffic law enforcement. It allows drivers to pay fines online, assisting in better road safety and law keeping. This article will tell you all the details about TS E-Challan details, how to check its status, the penalties for violations, and how to file a complaint against it.

Penalties for traffic rule violations in Telangana via the e-challan system are outlined in the New Motor Vehicles Act of 2019. The amount of the e-challan depends on the severity of the violation, ranging between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 20,000.

How to Check TS E-Challan Status

Telangana E Challan Status can be checked online through the official website of TS Police e Challan department or you can use the official mobile app for the same purpose. You can follow the instructions given below to check TS E Challan Status.

Steps to check E Challan Status through the official portal

  1. Visit the Telangana Traffic Police website @ echallan.tspolice.gov.in/publicview.
  2. Click on the “Vehicle Number” or “Licence Number” tab in the top menu.
  3. Enter your vehicle number and the licence number in the given section, followed by the Captcha code.
  4. Click on the “Go” button to check the status of your traffic e-challan, including whether it has been paid or is still unpaid.

Check Challan Status through the Mobile App

  1. Download and open the TS eChallan app.
  2. Enter your vehicle number and CAPTCHA, and click “Go”.
  3. Your Telangana traffic fine will be displayed; you can now make the payment through various options like Netbanking, Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, etc.

How to Pay TS E-Challan?

If you break any traffic rule and fined an e challan then you will have a few days to pay your challan. E-Challan Payment can be done in both online and offline mode. You can choose any method at your convenience.

How to Pay TS E Challan Online

  1. Follow the steps mentioned under checking the e-challan status.
  2. Review the e-challan details and click on the challan you want to pay.
  3. Choose your preferred payment method and enter the required details to complete the payment process.
  4. Once the payment is done, save the receipt for further use.

How to Pay E Challan Offline

  1. Gather your e-challan notice and any other required documents.
  2. Visit the nearest Telangana traffic police station.
  3. Ask the assigned police officer to review your overdue challan fees.
  4. Pay the suggested amount.

How to Register a Complaint against TS- E Challan?

Registering a complaint against a TS (Telangana State) e-challan can be done through various online platforms. Here are the steps to file it through different platforms:

Via the e-challan official website

  1. Go to the official website of e-challan @ echallan.parivahan.gov.in.
  2. Click on ‘Complaint’ and go to the Grievance System page.
  3. Log into your account and enter the required information such as your name, contact number, and challan number.
  4. Upload the proof of the e-challan complaint.
  5. Click on ‘Submit’ once the uploading process is complete.
  6. The traffic police department will check the submitted e-challan complaint, and after checking the same on the grievance system, the department will give you an update soon

If the complaint is regarding a vehicle you have sold

  • On the official website of TS e-challan, use the Complaint button and select the Sold-out option vehicle to register your case. The traffic police will track the incident and ensure to chase the new owner to avoid getting e-challan for any vehicle you have sold in the past.

Other methods:

  • If there’s a technical problem with an e-challan, you can point it out via email at helpdesk-echallan@gov.in or through a phone call at 0120-2459171 (between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.).
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