Understand Innuyir Kappom scheme: Check who is eligible for Free Treatment

The Innuyir Kappom Scheme is a lifesaving scheme launched by the Tamil Nadu government. It aims to provide immediate medical care to people who are involved in road accidents within the state.

This scheme is not only for its residents but also for people from other states or countries who may have an accident while in Tamil Nadu. The initiative, which was launched by Chief Minister MK Stalin on December 18, 2021, has already had a considerable positive impact.

The application process for the Innuyir Kappom Scheme is very straightforward. When victims of a traffic accident in Tamil Nadu are taken to a designated hospital within 48 hours, they are automatically entitled to payments. There is no formal application necessary, making it simple for individuals to receive the critical medical care they require as soon as possible.

Innuyir Kappom Scheme Eligibility

The primary eligibility for this scheme is quite simple. If you are a victim of a road accident in Tamil Nadu, you are eligible. The scheme covers your medical expenses for treatments received within the first 48 hours of the accident.

However, there is a condition. Medical treatment should be received from hospitals that are enlisted under this scheme. The list includes 609 hospitals from across the state, including 204 government hospitals and 405 private hospitals.

Implementation and Impact

The plan has been a blessing to many people, with at least 80,251 people benefiting from it. Not only has it provided financial assistance, but it has also saved numerous lives by providing early medical care.

This initiative has been awarded Rs 72.89 crore, showing the state government’s commitment to road safety and public health. Also, over 500 roadways have been identified as accident-prone regions, and the system is actively being implemented throughout 669 hospitals, both public and private, to give complete coverage.

In Madurai alone, out of the 14 hospitals empanelled under the scheme, a total of 8,127 patients received treatment in five government hospitals. The scheme has identified 81 different treatment modalities as damage-control measures, which are covered under the scheme, ensuring that a broad spectrum of medical care can be provided to accident victims up to a cost of Rs 1 lakh per individual.

National Recognition

The Innuyir Kappom Scheme’s effectiveness has not gone unnoticed. Officials from the Union Health Ministry praised the idea and expressed interest in learning more about the project’s complexities in order to potentially apply it across India. This national recognition highlights the scheme’s success as well as its potential as a model for similar schemes in other states.

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